Thrifty Tony

What is Thrifty Tony?

Thrifty Tony is a personal finance website and YouTube channel created by Tony. Read on to learn about his story.

Hey! I'm Tony ✌️

I created a folder called “Finances” back in 2015. Over the years, I made numerous spreadsheets in this folder and conducted lots of research on a wide variety of financial topics:  everything from my personal budget to finding the best bank account for my money. I even kept track of how much it cost me to be in my friends’ and family’s weddings.

After 5 years of doing this, I had a sudden realization… why keep all this valuable financial information to myself? And so, I decided to create Thrifty Tony which is composed of this blog and a corresponding YouTube channel.

Don't Listen to Me 🙉

I’m not a financial advisor, so I’m not properly qualified to give anyone financial advice.

What I can offer you is through teaching by example. Most of the information on this website is based on my personal experience. This is a place for me to share the results of my frugality as well as my opinions on investing.

Additionally, I’m pretty sure you like free stuff as much as I do. As and added bonus, I have a whole section of this website dedicated to freebies, so definitely check that out.

Tony with Charging Bull of Wall Street
Tony with the Charging Bull in New York City.

My Financial Background 💵

Tony working at hedge fund

I’ve always been inspired by the fact that both of my parents came from near poverty and labored their way into the middle class to provide a wonderful upbringing for my sisters and me. My childhood was far from extravagant, and I am so grateful for that foundation.

While I went to college for computer science, I also considered a business degree. The best of both worlds came together in 2015 when I landed a job in the finance industry as a software engineer for a prominent hedge fund.

For 3 years, I was exposed to some of the most sophisticated trading strategies in existence. Being surrounded by quants and financial experts on a daily basis helped define my personal investing strategy. While that may come across as overwhelming, it always boils down to diversification and low cost index funds with minimal fees.

Thrifty Tony's Ideology 🧐

My goal with Thrifty Tony is not only to document the reasoning behind my financial decisions, but also serve as a resource for others who share a budget-conscious mindset like myself.

In addition to this, Thrifty Tony is all about investing for the long term. You won’t find any get-rich-quick advice here. Time + compound interest is the most powerful way to ensure a financially sound future.

I invite you to have a read on this website and watch a few videos to see if we share the same philosophies when it comes to money and perhaps learn something new.

— Tony