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It’s NOT Cheap to be a Groomsman anymore (this is why)

Being a groomsman is expensive

Weddings are expensive! According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding including the engagement ring in 2020 was over $33,000.1 This includes the venue, photographer, and a long list of other things, but what it does not include is the cost of being a groomsman which is typically paid for by the groomsmen themselves.

In this blog post, I’m going to go over my actual expenses for the 6 weddings that I was a groomsman for since 2017, give you an idea of what costs are involved and compare my average cost to the national average cost.

Cost of Being a Groomsman

There are numerous costs to being a groomsman in a wedding. Here are some of the most common ones.

Tuxedos and suits that I’ve worn to various weddings as a groomsman.

1. Tuxedo

One of the biggest expenses for a groomsman will be a tuxedo rental.

For me personally, the cost of my tux’s ranged from $118 all the way up to $235 with an average cost of $183.

2. Travel

Oftentimes you have to travel to attend a wedding, and this can get just as expensive. Luckily, I never had to buy a plane ticket for a wedding, but you could imagine that this would quickly up your cost.

For me, the average cost was $184 for 1 or 2 nights in a hotel room.

A great way to save some money here is to split the cost of a hotel room with other groomsmen or wedding guests which I have certainly done quite a few times.

3. Wedding Gift

Next up we have wedding gifts, and this will certainly vary depending on a lot of factors.

For me, I gifted the bride and groom either $100 in cash or got them something valued at $100 from their registry.

4. Bachelor Party

In addition to the tux rental, hotel, and wedding gift, there are certainly other expenses that a groomsman will incur, but the most significant is probably the bachelor party. Not all grooms have bachelor parties, and if they do, they could be anywhere from a night out at a local bar to an extended weekend in Vegas.

I attended 3 bachelor parties, one of which involved flying to Vegas, and the average cost was $691.

Average costs that I realized when being a groomsman.

Average Cost of Being a Groomsman

So not considering the bachelor party expenses right now, let’s figure out the average cost of being a groomsman in my experience.

Considering the tux, hotel room, and wedding gifts, the average cost of being a groomsman for me was $493 per wedding.

WeddingTuxHotelGiftsBachelor PartyTotal
May 2017$214.64$129.71$100.00$304.00$753.35
Aug 2017$176.49$216.42$200.00$1,619.59$2,282.50
Oct 2018$174.36$258.77$100.00$0.00$533.13
Dec 2018$235.31$201.14$100.00$150.82$721.77
Jun 2019$118.50$150.00$98.17$0.00$316.67
Sep 2020$179.49$151.20$100.00$0.00$430.69

Now how does this compare to the national average?

Although different sources vary, it seems to be on par with which estimates the average cost of being a groomsman to be $405 whereas huffpost estimates that groomsmen spent an average of $445 on the bachelor party alone.2

When we factor in the cost of my bachelor parties, my average bumps up to $839 per wedding to be a groomsman.

How to Save Money As a Groomsman

Knowing this, how can you cut costs and save money as a groomsman?

  • One of the best ways is to split the cost of a hotel room with other groomsmen or wedding guests
  • If traveling and you have a good amount of lead time, you can start scouting out the cheapest flights months in advance
  • A lot of tuxedo rentals are done at Men’s Warehouse, so if that’s the case for you, you can use Rakuten to get at least 2% off your tux rental online
  • Sign up for the Perfect Fit rewards program at Men’s Warehouse which at one point got me $50 off one of my tux rentals

It’s a true honor to stand beside your friend or relative as they get married, so enjoy it and I hope you found the information in this blog post helpful.

Thrifty Tony

Thrifty Tony

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